mo-farah-london-2012Don’t ask me why I was watching a bit of the extravagant but dead boring Olympics closing ceremony, and to be honest, also one or two events, when my interest in sports aspires to nil. I read the Guardian/ICM poll results, that 55 per cent of Britons considered the games ‘well worth’ the huge £9bn expense because they ‘were doing a good job in cheering the country during hard times’, and wondered how can the expense be justified in the face of the social problems that need tackling in Britain and elsewhere.

I then watched this country go crazy about Katie Taylor and the other boxers, show jumpers and sailors, and like the spoilsport I normally am, I couldn’t but reflect on some lessons of the extravaganza, which not only cost a fortune, but also heightened divisive nationalist sentiments. Continue reading “Spoilsport”