New Year Violence

Two nights after Jewish people celebrated the New Year, two violent incidents occurred which made me angrier than usual at the brutal behaviour of Israeli Jewish West Bank settlers, the Israeli police, and the Israeli racial state.

On Friday 30 September, Jewish settlers at the West Bank settlement of Anatot brutally attacked a group of young Jewish Israeli activists who demonstrated in support Palestinian farmer Yassin Rifawi, whose privately owned lands in the village of Anata were illegally fenced by residents of Anatot, limiting his access. In the past few months Rifawi suffered continuous harassment by the settlers, including threats, uprooting of trees and dismantling his property. Despite recurrent appeals by the Israeli legal human rights organisation Yesh Din to the Israeli police, nothing was done to protect Mr Rifawi. Continue reading “New Year Violence”

Why Nick Griffin should not be allowed to speak at Trinity College

BNP's Nick Griffin gets pelted by eggs
BNP's Nick Griffin gets pelted by eggs

As of now, the leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin is scheduled to debate the question of whether multiculturalism has gone ‘too far’ in Trinity College’s Philosophical Society on October 20.

I have written many times about the problems with policies of multiculturalism – which, let us remember (though called ‘intercultualism’ in this country), is the state’s knee jerk response to what it perceives as the problem of difference, brought about by immigrants. Multiculturalism, I have argued, is not about fostering and upholding ethnic pluralism, but rather about racial states legislating for national homogeneity and supremacy, accepting only what Alana Lentin and Gavan Titley call in their new book ‘good diversity’, one that does not challenge (white, Christian, settled) privilege.  Euro-multiculturalism is rife with contradictions. It speaks of integration yet limits immigration, legislates against veiled women and Muslims praying in public, outlaws what it considers harmful practices such as forced marriages, without providing protection to trafficked women or offering asylum to women whose children are in danger of female genital mutilation. Continue reading “Why Nick Griffin should not be allowed to speak at Trinity College”