Short plays about (racist) Ireland – 3

On 20 June, International Refugee Day, Another mass deportation to Nigeria from Ireland took place.

According to Joe Moore of Anti Deportation Ireland (ADI: Hostels were raided at 5am approx this morning. The information I have to date is:

Carriick-on-Suir, one woman and her three children taken

Ashbourne House, Cork, one woman and her three children taken, she has been in Ireland for 6 years.

Portlaoise, two women, with three children each, all taken. One of the women has recently had a serious stomach operation. She became so distraught when the GNIB entered her room, that she attempted to harm herself with a knife. She was dragged outside, naked from the waist up, where she was severely beaten, peppered sprayed and handcuffed. As a result of the beating her operation scar opened. She was taken to hospital but after a short time she was brought back to the hostel, and she and her three children was taken to the airport by the GNIB. Her lawyer is in the High Court now trying to get her released.

The lawyer failed in reversing this deportation and the woman was on the plane!!